Grand Rapids Gravel Company began using Concrete Research and Testing after receiving a sound recommendation for them from the technical department at one of our cement suppliers.  We have used CRT for air system evaluation, chloride ion testing, permeability testing and aggregate petrography work since about 2001.  Additionally we have used CRT to aid in some forensic testing and failure diagnosis.  The concrete and aggregate evaluations we have received are well done, concise and reported within the time constraints they have committed to.  The diagnostic work which has been performed has been soundly based, well considered and often provides direction to our analysis.
 On a number of occasions I have had the opportunity to discuss issues or aspects of concrete technology with Mr. Scaglione.  He is an excellent source of quality information about concrete materials, issues and problems.  I value him as an information source.  I have recommended CRT to a number of associates and have received positive feedback from many of them about the excellent service.  I do not hesitate to recommend CRT for your concrete evaluations.
James E. English
Quality Control Manager
Grand Rapids Gravel Company
Grand Rapids, Michigan